20 August, 2010

خطوة | A Step

Dear readers,
I'd like to introduce our new team blog,  خطوة | A Step,,  Faith, Giselle and I have decided to start this blog as one of those small steps in this way a head of us to make a real change and to keep the memory of what happens in Palestine alive within us. 

This blog is a drop in the silence sea of the world...in which we believe that if it happens and intensifies with other drops; they'd change something...someday!
مدونتنا هي قطرة نسكبها في بحر صمت العالم،
..نؤمن لو أنها تكاثفت مع قطرات غيرها ستحرك فيه شيئا
يوما ما


Nabsj said...

God bless you guys! Can't wait :)

FAITH said...