24 August, 2010

Feena Khair

Do you remember this scenes from the Khawater 5?

I was so pleased to see that the Saudi ministry of education has taken an action regarding this topic through  this campaign and students from 50 selected schools have started cleaning their classes everyday..
This whole thing reminds me of the days when I was at primary school. We were forced to memorize a long list of Q&A's about Health and Hygiene competition of Omani Schools. I still remember the questions and the answers by heart and this so-called competition is still going on with no real affect (except for the few days before the Judges visit to the school). Everything would change back then and we would have to help the old cleaning-ladies keeping the school clean. Some parents would come all the way to talk to the school principle and complain that their daughters are not Maids to keep their very own desks and classes clean (No I'm not kidding). I shall remark here that WE ARE better than many other schools in - or outside the country. There are worse places, of higher educational levels.

Having the competition or not wouldn't differ a lot as I mentioned earlier, kids nor adults need not competitions to learn how to follow a hygienic lifestyle, and generally speaking, not even H1N1 crisis did that much of change to our lifestyles. Didn’t we all know that those hand sanitizers’ containers in the university or other public places will remain un-filled once the H1N1 hype goes low?

Oman is a beautiful and clean country and we all live in clean and hygienic places, which are actually cleaned by anyone but ourselves and for that very reason, cleanliness is not a very usual act of people who live away from their families or who live and study in the university,, Do you want to see a proof? Check it out... 

Some Female Common Room in SQU
Taken by A.H
One of the most commonly used staircases in my College =)!
I could find worse places to take pictures of.. I did Not take a picture of the toilets, yet. If only I could post a sample of the smell of the places I mentioned, you’d know what I’m exactly talking about. I’m not to generalize here but there are those people among us who wouldn’t care and those who would complain about such situations now and go to throw some rubbish around or spill water carelessly in a public toilet later. And in a society like ours, the first three things that would come to people’s mind once seeing such situations is the government, the government and the government! I mean seriously, I'd understand if these pictures where taken in kindergarten but in a university?

I wonder what sort of action should be taken to teach 18+ students that they should throw trash in the trash can. 3eeb.


Kitten said...

I was thrilled about this particular episode. If only it were to be applied here, we would benefit greatly.

محفيف said...

I have seen the episode.
Great idea. I think it is very easy to be applied even in our houses, because am quiet sure that the problem is starting from the house.

Your pics took me back to SQU student's campus. The same seine was everywhere in the corridors especially in the weekends.For sure the male students are worse than the girls.

Thanx for this nice post.