29 March, 2010

Tagged for the first time

So, Faith has tagged me, and I'm quiet nervous.. as if I'm in a TV interview or something haha!
Here are the 7 facts about myself:
1- I love writing, and it is my newest hobby =)
2- Faith is my older sister and best friend
3- I'm very talkative and socially outgoing. The opposite to Faith, I talk more than I write xD!
4- I like coffee mocha! it's the thing I order the most if I go to any coffee shop! .. argh., 3 more facts to go!
5- I'm doing my new iPhone's settings now as I'm writing this blog =D!
6- From age 18-20, I, Proudly, lost 14+ Kgs of my original weight.
7- It's quiet embarrassing to mention the fact above.

The end of entry =D!


G-chan said...

Abeh! *talks omani*
If you read my blog you would've seen eno I tagged you as well =(

I love Mocha! Only thing I order too.
The 6th fact is amazing! *claps*

Congrats again on your new iPhone! Go WILD! =D =D =D

Amarant said...

Hey! '3ashashah ! 7th fact doesn't count!!!!

oh and I love mocha too (even though i want to stop)

Spot said...

LoL G and Amarant XD!
7th fact doesn't count,, errm ok let's see
how about this:
- I went to Mecca for the first time in my life 3 months back =D and I'm still not over that trip =)