18 March, 2009

يا بنت هندسة... أحلى أسباب الأسى

لزوار بلوقي المتواضع من عشاق الشعر،،
وإلى جميع زميلاتي.. في كلية الهندسة!!!



STING said...

What the hell :p

sweetness said...

yaaa5i f6asteeeni '6a7eeeeek =D

wanasa =D

YsLaMooo honey ;)

Meteor said...

amaaa shooo ibda33333

especially the part where he wore his brother's cloth and found his mekarfasa :P

but wait i just decided that i like Sudanese poetry ;)

hey but i didn't get it Is he in love with Engineering or a girl in Engineering?

G-chan said...


It's so ew xD

Ya bet handasa xD

Sam said...

Thaanks all xD!!
Meteor:: I guess he's in love with a girl who studies engineering =p that's why he wrote 20 thousand bait =p

Chem_Eng said...

LoooooL xD .. fdait bit ilhandasaa ana !!!

hahay best poem ever ..

thnnnx '9a77akteena wallah min il5aa6er

مسقطية الهوى said...

this is my first visit to your blog and i like it .. keep it up and waiting for second poem ..
مسقطية الهوى

Abdullah Al-Adawi said...

Hahahaha, not bad.

I'll soon upload a clip I created myself when I was the president for the Ceremony Committe for the Engineering Group. The clip wasn't distributed very much, I restrained it :p

Sam said...

^ I bet it wasn't distributed =D!