23 February, 2009

SQU's New Library

Okay, so the new SQU main library in the Cultural Center is opened now. I made my first visit yesterday and I loved the beautiful architecture of the building. Very stylish and modern with a warm arabian touch!

So here are some pix of our new nerding world:

One of the walkways to the main entrance

The first three floors out of the six!

Hope that re-opening the main library would raise the number of book lovers and readers in Oman =)


G-chan said...

Ah nice! It looks great mashallah!
I like the second pic a lot! The place looks really flash!
Yalla enjoy it there! =)

Btw...I'm loving your template! So simple and easy on the eyes! =D

Sam said...

Thanks you, G ^_^
and forgive the low quality pix.. all were taking by my phone's camera =$

Amarant said...

ohhhhhhhhhhh so it's finally open ??

mabrook mabrook, sawwoha after we graduated -_-

bs it looks nice!

Sam said...

it is nice, 3marant =D those pix show nothing actually =]
well, u missed nothing =p u still can visit it and have fun wandering between shelves xD while u'd go there to "nerd" if u were still a poor student like me =(

FAITH said...

At last! I wanted to graduate in that new hall so badly. 7aram 3leehum 0_o

Sam said...

Gooli al7amdlilah! At least u graduated xD unlike poor me =( still stuck at the uni =S

Meteor said...

wOOOw two words deluxe and luxurious!!
we did our first visit yesterday( you know that you were with us) seems to be really a good place for studying, i'm not a library's student but the place really worth to study there ;) BUT it needs a cafeteria or ( any source of food, we wouldn't mind of a real restaurant) somewhere around so that students can eat as it's far from the other university buildings.

Congrats SQU students and ENJOYABLE studying

(btw i tried to post this comment yesterday but that word verification thing did not work)

Crystal_Clear said...
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Crystal_Clear said...

A big WooW,, the place is soo beautiful tht it just forces u to study xD

n there's a reading room ,, wich has a balcony witha gr8 view,, its like ur in Andalus :P

lool but its kind of hilarious when u see the students mintiz8een n taking pix (including us :p) ,, masakeen SQU students :D

i recomend visiting tht place :D

Sam said...

Meteor: Okay sama7tek =p
Crystal_ Clear: hehehe yeah, but if u just check my pix.. they're really poor quality cuz I was trying to hide my camera so no one would think I'm mentazqa or something =p =p

Thanks for your comments =D

Nadia said...

I want to move to Muscat NOW. When are they EVER going to open a library and/or decent bookstore in Salalah. Arggggghhhh...

Regards, Book Worm

سعيد المسكري said...

These are the first pictures I see of the place ...Thanks for sharing them!


Sam said...

You don't need a bookstore to read and this library is not a perfect place for reading ;) Thanks to internet :) thanks for dropping by ;)

ur welcome ^^