26 February, 2009


I took the family car’s keys and took my sister for a drive today! Thankfully, I didn’t make any mistakes while driving but jumping upon a sidewalk and entering one of the roundabouts with a bit of extra speed =D

My poor sister was screaming and swearing while I was enjoying my favorite music =p
I thought it was all okay cuz I was well prepared for this 1st ride...

so this is a message from a driver who hasn't drove anything but an ECHO/YARIS and now a huge truck =D


FAITH said...


I already have a "fal3ah" on my forehead, wasn't really ready to have another fal3ah..

Allah yesam7ek! :(

Sam said...

Amen =D =D

G-chan said...

Hahahahahaa!!!! Cute wallah! xD
Faith don't be a Meany...you should be encourage her! =P

Loving the sticker!!! xD

Crystal_Clear said...

LooooL xD .. allah ye3eenich Faith :P

heey am still waiting for a drive :S ,, (3aad allah yestur :P)

Abdullah Al-Adawi said...
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Meteor said...

I can imagine how was that :$
after that sha7oof ride u took us :P

anyway welcome to driving world and make sure you don't be that kind of girls who hold the steering with their hands and teeth( bi edhum o asnanhum) and ENJOY DRIVING

Amarant said...

lol i drove better after i got my driving license, i guess it's a psycological thing :P

mabrook again 3ala el license, and shway shway 3ala ur sisters xD

Sam said...

G-chan: yeah goleelhaa lah =p
Thanks dear =D I'd buy you one of these stickers bs 5ala9 u don't need 'em =p

Crystal: so do I =p thanks =D

Al Adawi: Yes, I do =p Now I'm scared xD

Meteor: I hold the wheel by the tips of my fingers.. I'm a professional driver, I'm telling you and you know, especially after the sha7oof xD

Amarant: exactly, it is psychological =D
Thanks.. Allah ybarek feek =D

Anonymous said...

When I red the sticker i thought i am reading NEW DIVER, diving through all spead breakers and roundabouts,

then i realised it says a new driver, and i definitaly know why Schumacher quit F1 races, ;)

Sam said...

Hmmmmmmmm are you the one who I think you are =p?

Thanks hehehe, and believe me now you know why he did =p

Anonymous said...

LOOOL keep driving girl! :D


Sam said...

Thanks Riham